Mooncake Charity Sales 2019

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival
with your furry beloved ones!

SPCA is honoured to have invited local cartoon brand “BROWNIE & RONNIE”—with the spirit of dreams, hope and perservance—to design the adorable packaging of limited-edition mooncakes for us. This year, we collaborated with the famous Kee Wah Bakery again to create “Maltitol Low Sugar Mini White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Yolk”. We send all our best wishes to all homeless animals that they will find their forever homes and feel the joy of reunion with a loving family.

All proceeds will go directly to our needy animals, providing them with accommodation, medical care, rehabilitation, daily care and behavioral training while awaiting adoption.

SPCA once again partnered with Petisserie to proudly present charity mooncakes for both cats and dogs! The SPCA x Petisserie charity mooncakes make the perfect gift or even a treat for your beloved pets. All proceeds will go towards the SPCA to support our animal welfare work.

Apart from sharing these charity mooncakes with your pets or gifting them to your friends’ furry cuties, you can also show your love and care to our awaiting-adoption animals. We hope they will find a warm and loving forever family in the near future.

Looking for new ideas for Mid-Autumn Festival gifts? How about some crispy and crunchy palmier cookies to bring you delicious moments of delight? This year, Lugard sponsored us to present charity palmier cookies. Lugard is very meticulous that it gives great attention to every detail of each production processes to ensure excellent quality of the products. Lugard also demonstrates great support towards animal welfare, all proceeds will go directly towards helping animals in need and helping us to continue to safeguard animal welfare.

Order the SPCA’s LIMITED EDITION mooncakes and charity palmier cookies now and celebrate the festive joy with your family and friends while sending festival blessings and warmth to needy animals!

Mooncake Sales points:

SPCA centres & Charity sales street booth