New Year New Hope

A New Year’s Dream

Gung hay fat choy! My name is Celine, as a child actress I have worked with animals in many TV drama series, and I always fell in love with them! My New Year’s wish is to help stray, injured or sick animals find a loving home! Will you support my wish? These unfortunate animals cannot speak for themselves to ask for help, so I am asking on their behalf, please give a red packet to help brighten their lives!


Donate Red Packets to Help Animals like Rufus

As a stray puppy, Rufus was severely mauled by a pack of dogs and nearly died. He had deep bite wounds over his entire body, but especially on his right front leg and over his spinal cord. The poor pup was in so much pain he could only walk on three legs. Although we were not sure that he could recover, the vets, nurses and animal care staff worked hard to save him. After two months of intensive treatment and tender loving care, Rufus improved steadily until he was able to run on all four legs! Then something even more wonderful happened – a family took one look at goofy adorable Rufus, and just had to take him home!


Wish us luck in finding new homes!

Apart from red packets, regular monthly donations of HK$100 or above can help these animals get the care they need while they wait for their forever family. Just like finding love, finding a new home can take time. Your continuing support is vital to Help Us Help Animals in need.

Your red packets and donations, benefit animals in the following ways:

Daily care by a committed team of animal professionals including a balanced diet, comfy environment, behavioral training and socialisation, toys, exercise and outdoor activities plus veterinary treatment including preventative medicine such as vaccinations, parasite control, desexing surgeries and much, much more!

Giving a Good Fortune Laisee…..Gives Hope to Animals!

The SPCA is not government funded. Over 99% of our funding comes from supporters just like you. Over the years, we have helped more than 60,000 animals find new homes. Your support is essential to continue our work!

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SPCA (HK) merchant code: 9457 and press "5" for Red Packet Donation, thank you!

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