Aniform Day 2017


What is Aniform Day?

As Hong Kong’s Official Ambassador of World Animal Day, the SPCA(HK) introduced Hong Kong’s inaugural Aniform Day in 2015. In this annual event, we ask the public to wear animal-graphic clothing and/or accessories, so as to promote the acceptance and respect for all animals, and harmonious co-existence with all living creatures in Hong Kong. Now into the third year, Aniform Day 2017 will be held on Friday, 13 October 2017.

About World Animal Day

Established in 1931 by a group of ecologists, the celebration of World Animal Day on the 4th October aims to raise public awareness of endangered species. It is also an international day of action, to promote acceptance of and respect for all animals.

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How can I participate?
All individuals, corporations and schools are welcome to partake in this meaningful event! To participate, simply gather a team from your company/organization to wear animal-graphic clothing and/or accessories on Friday, 13 October 2017. Each participating individual will receive a set of limited edition Aniform Day wristbands for donations of HK$100 or above to the SPCA(HK). Additional donations of $200 or above will get a limited Tee.

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A pair of tiffany blue and lake green color wristbands and limited edition Tee (Photos for reference only)

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Individual Participant

Corporate Participation

Participating companies may be nominated to become a “Caring Company”. The SPCA(HK) has in the past received the support and sponsorship from: City Super, MTR Corporation Limited, New World Development Company Limited, Aon Hong Kong Limited, Hung Fook Tong Group and so on. We are happy to see the concept of “building a harmonious society of humans and animals” as a popular new Corporate Social Responsibility approach.


School Team

Schools are also welcome to conduct a mini Aniform Day with flexibility in the date of choice. Please contact 22325543 for more details.


Why should the public support Aniform Day?

The SPCA is an independent charitable organisation devoted to animal welfare. 99% of our operations protecting and improving animal welfare are supported and financed by public donations. All the funds raised in this event will be used to support our efforts in promoting Hong Kong as an animal-friendly society.


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