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Do you recognise me?
I was on the news in 2017.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
I’m Toby from the tragic Yuen Long case.

Dai Wong was my one of my buddies, he was featured in this Chinese New Year leaflet last year and was adopted soon afterwards by a loving family…

How come I’m still here waiting for mine?
Foster parent's home:
How I thank the SPCA and my foster mom!
My former existence:
The horror faced by us,
abandoned without food or water…

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My lucky 2018 

The abuse we suffered in 2017 cast a long shadow over me and left me scared of strangers. It stopped me from being adopted. Thanks to the staff at the SPCA , I am on the road to recovery. Long-term medical treatment, behavioural training, warm and caring staff at the SPCA, and the support of a loving foster family in 2018 have helped me regain my confidence and overcome my distrust of strangers. I believe I can make it!

My new year’s
resolution for 2019

All my five companions found homes last year! When can I have mine?

You might not be able to give me a forever home right now, but could you please spare your time during this busy festive season to help me accomplish my new year’s resolution? Can I count on you to give hope to me and other homing animals to find their forever home?


AI know that all the help the SPCA offers us requires enormous resources, 99% of which comes from warm-hearted people like you. My animal friends and I count on every one of you for life-saving support.   

YOUR red packet will make a bigger difference than you can possibly imagine!


Download Fai Chun & Whatsapp Stickers


The Spring Couplet “The Key to Fortune” on the right is a little gift to bring you happiness and good fortune in the new year!

You can also download the CNY Whatsapp Stickers made by the photos of our homing animals. Send them to your families and friends, and help promote them at the same time!

Please also don’t forget to help create a better future for all the adorable animal friends here and at our adoption centres!

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