Canine First Aid


This course concentrates on dogs and offers a comprehensive and highly informative overview of common medical and surgical emergencies that pet owners may encounter. Advice will be given on recognizing them and on what action needs to be taken by the owner to give the best chance of a positive outcome. While any serious condition will of course benefit from prompt veterinary attention there are always right and wrong things for owners to do in those first few moments.

Time will also be dedicated to ways to prevent, or lower the chances, of emergencies, always the preferable option! But the majority of the talk will cover what to do, or not do, when they arise.

In addition to the lecture itself, every attendee will receive their own copy of the SPCA’s A-Z of First Aid (an invaluable reference guide), a First Aid Kit valued at $300 and a personalized certificate.


Topics include:

Heatstroke - how do you avoid it, recognize it and deal with it?

Snake bites - a Hong Kong hazard!

Dog fights - can often be prevented but what if they happen?

Gastric bloat - immediate recognition and prompt treatment is essential to survival.

Poisonings – did you know everyday items like chocolate, garlic and avocado can poison your dog?


Certificate will be presented to each participant


(A) 6th May 2017 (Sat) 10:00 - 18:00,
with 1 hour meal break and 2 short breaks

Conducted in Cantonese


(B) 27th May 2017 (Sat) 10:00 - 18:00,
with 1 hour meal break and 2 short breaks

Conducted in English


About the Speaker:

Dr Jane Gray (English)

Dr. Jane started working for the SPCA in 1991, and since 2004 she has held the position of Deputy Director (Veterinary Services)/ Chief Veterinary Surgeon. She particularly enjoys welfare work and surgery. Other interests include veterinary nurse training, veterinary student mentoring and organising lectures/workshops in China for veterinary surgeons. She is currently caring for an aging Pomeranian cross called Betty and two young ex-street cats called Leroy and Jerome (all rescues of course)!

All proceeds will be used for animal welfare

















4/F Seminar room
5 Wan Shing Street


HK$1,000/pax (Members & ASP donors only)
HK$1,300/pax (Non-members)


Tel : 2232 5508
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