Cyberport outing

On 29th November it was sunny and the sky was clear – a good day for an outing! We invited 30 life members to enjoy a cheerful weekend in the autumn breeze with their dogs at Cyberport waterfront park. Special photo props were prepared and proved very popular. Everyone enjoyed taking photos and chatting with friends. Members were also able to obtain dog training tips from a dog trainer. We thank you for your participation, and the volunteers for their time and hard work. Thanks, too, to Kakato, the pet food company, who sponsored the bus service.

There was a good response to the activity and everyone enjoyed the day. We hope to see you, your friends and family members at the next SPCA event.


Our long-stay dogs, Thomas, Lazzie and Sugar, joined us on the outing to the waterfront park and met the members. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed running on the grass and playing with people, and we hope that this will improve their chances of finding good homes.