South District Dog Poisoning Cases - Reward Notice

Updates on Reward for Suspected cases of dogs being poisoned to death in Cyberport

A few cases of suspected dog poisoning have been found in the Cyberport Waterfront Park recently.

Apart from the dog lover who offered a reward last year who offered the same reward of HK$100,000* through the SPCA to anyone who can provide information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the culprit(s), a few other parties have also been contacting the SPCA to express their interest in providing a reward for this case. The reward for this case is now being raised to HK$422,000*. Anyone with information regarding this dog poisoning case is asked to contact the SPCA 24-hour Inspectorate Hotline at 2711 1000. The reward will be paid, either in full or pro-rata, to the informant, or apportioned amongst several informants who provide the SPCA with information within the period specified in this notice, leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprits(s). If the investigation or prosecution procedures for the aforesaid case cannot be continued within the legal time bar, part of the Reward, according to the will of the sponsors, shall apply to the next dog poisoning case happened on the Hong Kong Island and so on.

Reward Expiry: 31 Dec 2021
* Please note that the Reward have been offered by third parties, and SPCA posts this notice relying solely on the kind offers of these third parties.