Volunteer Inspectors

The SPCA Volunteer Inspector Cadre was set up in 2008 to provide additional support to the Inspectorate. 


Volunteer Inspectors provide the Inspectorate with operational, administrative and managerial support. Many Volunteer Inspectors hold positions in the uniformed forces and use their skills from their day jobs to help animals in their spare time. 

Volunteer Inspectors also provide training and support to the Cadet Inspector Corps. Ex-SPCA Cadet Inspectors have also joined as Volunteer Inspectors to help train new cadets.

  • Serving or ex-SPCA staff
  • Ex-SPCA Cadet Inspectors
  • Members or former members of the uniformed forces, including Police, Fire and Emergency Services and Correctional Services.

Candidates must undergo and pass three days of training, including one day of lectures and two days of practical animal handling.

Lecture topics include

  • Animal welfare concepts
  • Animal related legislation
  • Animal handling skills

Please contact Mr Yung  3144 5029
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