Inspectorate Outreach

The SPCA Inspectorate believes strongly in education and thus plays an integral part in SPCA's larger education efforts. With a long history and varied caseload, the Inspectorate's extensive outreach activities offer a unique combination of technical expertise grounded in everyday experience.

Students and Schools

Aside from the Inspectorate's frequent collaborations with SPCA's Education Department, the Inspectorate also runs its own youth outreach programme, the Cadet Inspector Corps.

Cadet Inspector Corps

The Cadet Inspector Corp is a fantastic opportunity for 16 and 17 year olds looking for practical experience to learn about animal welfare. 

Visit the Cadet Inspector page for more information.

Volunteer Inspector Cadre

Comprised of ex-SPCA staff and members of the uniformed services, the Volunteer Inspector Cadre provides administrative, operational and managerial assistance to the Inspectorate. 

Visit the Volunteer Inspector page for more information.

Community education

The Inspectorate also works to help animal welfare through community engagement for our various welfare programmes, as well as through community education and intervention.


The Inspectorate gives many talks annually, regarding topics ranging from responsible pet ownership, animal handling and care to animal cruelty prevention and legislation. 

Caring Community Campaigns

Caring community campaigns target areas (housing estates or villages) brought to the inspectorate's attention, where there may be animal welfare issues. 

In such cases, the Inspectorate not only provides professional advice, but also a neutral listening ear and middle ground, to help the community to identify problem areas and find a workable compromise.

These campaigns may include talks and home visits, where inspectors will gather feedback from residents regarding the issue.

Home visits

In an ongoing effort to improve the welfare of animals, home visits may be requested in special cases to assist in animal welfare related issues.

City Redevelopment Visits 

Recognising that enforced relocation can be problematic, the inspectorate visits residents affected by redevelopment projects.

Inspectors encourage people to consider their pets and either move with their animals to new locations or if that is not a possibility - find suitable homes well in advance. 


Stakeholder Meetings and Site Assessments

Inspectors support programmes such as the Cat Colony Care Programme and Community Dog Programme, providing valuable assistance during stakeholder meetings, site assessments and case reviews. 

Training and Technical Expertise

As Asia's oldest animal inspectorate, the inspectorate often shares its substantial professional and technical expertise with local and regional government agencies and NGOs.

The Inspectorate plays a key role in the provision of training courses, technical assistance and technical talks, both in Hong Kong and abroad.

For more information on any of the Inspectorate's Community Outreach activities:

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