September 2016 Rescue of 3 puppies on a slope (440K-0916)

A dog owner sought our help to rescue her trapped puppies in Sai Tso Wan, Lam Tin.  At the scene, our inspectors found 3 roughly 2-month-old puppies trapped on a steep slope at about 10 meters from the ground. Inspector abseiled and successfully rescued 2 puppies. However, one puppy remained trapped between the slope and the fencing that covered it.  Other inspectors brought in more equipment for the operation. Following an abseil to where the puppy was, our inspector cut off the fence to free the puppy. It was so scared and struggled a lot. After much effort, our inspector calmed it down and secured it inside a bag which was sent up to a safe spot on the slope.

Our inspectors checked that the puppies were neither sick nor injured. They were returned to the owner who showed great appreciation for our inspectors’ professionalism and tenacity displayed during the rescue.