August 2016 Rescue of a dog and her 7 puppies from a cave (1000H-0816 / PN392799 / So Ching Dau)

A member of the public reported to us that a dog and her 7 puppies were trapped in a cave in Cheung Chau. At the scene, our inspectors and the informant climbed over the rocks to the cave. The mother dog was seen nursing her puppies at the entrance of the cave. She appeared nervous and went away quickly. After assessing the environment, the inspectors believed the cave was a safe location for the animals.

The informant added that he had placed some puppies onto a higher ground earlier as he was worried about the tide would flush the cave.  Our inspectors checked the puppies and found one of them looking very weak and sick. It was sent to the SPCA clinic for veterinary treatment and was later rehomed.