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Having a pet is great fun, and it’s even more rewarding when it’s a rescue pet.

SPCA, Hong Kong’s largest non-profit animal shelter organisation, currently has a huge selection of animals; dogs, cats and hamsters, who are all looking for a new owner and a fresh start in life. If you think that you could be the person they’re looking for then think about adopting a pet today!

The Perks of Pet Adoption

Adopting an animal is such a great experience, providing you with a wonderful pet for your family, and providing the animal with a much needed new home. Here are just a few other reasons why pet adoptions are a great option:

  • Changing the lives of animals. When you adopt an animal, you’re not only giving them a new place to call home, you’re also giving them a fresh start, with love, care and attention. What better gift could you give?
  • Fully examined animals. At SPCA, we conduct full physical examinations, give vaccinations and ensure animals are neutered or spayed where appropriate. The benefit to you? No costly surgery bills when you receive your pet!
  • Friendly, fun pets. Come to one of the SPCA centres and meet the animals for yourself.

Pet Adoption: Where to Start

It’s always important to first check that you’re ready for the job. Caring for a pet is hugely rewarding, but comes with responsibility. If in doubt, ask friends who have pets already to give you a realistic idea of what’s involved.

Next, simply look through our animal adoption page, or alternatively, visit our specific cat, hamster or dog adoption pages. If you see an animal that you like, then phone to arrange a visit, so you can come and see your chosen pet in person! We’ll then guide you through the rest of the process.