Animal Rescue

Animal rescue is a key part of the Inspectorate's work. Inspectors go through extensive training so they can rescue animals safely and effectively. Our Inspectorats are on call 24/7, rescuing animals across HK.

An increasingly urbanised environment means more animals find themselves in need of help. Cars, buildings, heavy equipment and debris are just a few of the perils that both wild and domestic animals face every day. Often working in tandem with the police, fire services department and the AFCD, the inspectors work tirelessly to save lives and encourage a safer environment in Hong Kong.

Many of our rescued animals are reunited with their owners. Other unowned or stray animals who have been saved from danger by our Inspectors and are deemed suitable, will first undergo veterinary care before being put up for adoption and eventually finding a loving new home and family.

As can be seen from the number of cats rescued from ledges, cats tend to hastily use up their "9 lives".  SPCA strongly recommends that if you live higher than 2 stories and open your windows, that you please consider fitting special protective mesh on the frame.