Student activities following Project Interviews with us

Drawing Attention to the Issue of Animal Testing

Bernice Chan, a Year 6 student at Renaissance College, is passionate about reducing animal abuse. After an interview with Vivian Chiu, our education manager, she organised a successful display at her school highlighting the cruelty of “animal testing”, a major animal abuse issue.

Bernice’s display about animal testing




Bernice works hard at her school raising

awareness of the cruelty in animal testing



Giving a Helping Hand to Animals Another Way

Aryaa, a Year 6 student at Peak School, has gone to great lengths to help us. She completed a presentation on her given topic – Life on Land (one of the Sustainable Development Goals) – at her school, for which she chose the SPCA and interviewed our education manager. As Aryaa is too young to help as an SPCA volunteer, she decided to help in a different way. In addition to her presentation, she organised clubs at her school to make pet-toys during lunch times, encouraging her schoolmates to make different toys for our homing dogs and cats. To spread awareness at school of proper pet care, Aryaa ran surveys and presentations. She even raised $1,617 in donations and collected used towels and clothes for the homing department’s use. To showcase all her work, she produced a short video, complete with her own music, and shared it with us on her second visit.


Aryaa presents her collection of hand-made toys, donations and animal cruelty display to our education manager, Vivian Chiu




Aryaa brings the dog toys to our homing kennels …

and makes one puppy very happy!






Cat and dog toys that Aryaa and her schoolmates

have helped make during lunch times




The video that Aryaa made about the project

We appreciate all the hard work and effort put in by these young people to raise public awareness of animal welfare issues. We look forward to more creative ideas generated by our student interviews.