Students - Help with a Project?

SPCA's Head of Education, Vivian Chiu, with a group of students.

The SPCA welcomes each and every opportunity to reach into our student communities and has provided a number of fun and Innovative learning initiatives. It is our sincere belief that a child who is exposed to our work with animals gains a greater compassion for all living creatures with whom we share this earth. We have been instrumental in the development of tailor-made games, instructional materials and Interactive tools for schools, libraries and youth organisations across Hong Kong.

With the introduction of student initiated tutorials, the SPCA has seen an increase in calls directly from youngsters seeking our help. We hail this uptick as a sign that our message has taken hold among local educators and that they acknowledge the value of our programmes.

In order for us to best assist students with their projects, it is important that a protocol is followed. What may appear to our callers as an easy question requiring an off the cuff answer or quick referral is often something our staff needs to research. Students may be unaware of the time and effort we invest to ensure that each and every response is thorough and useful

In order to best serve each student:
  • Requests should be submitted in writing at least three weeks before a response is needed. Our email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Introduce yourself clearly, including your name, school, contact information and queried topic
  • Due dates and other relevant Information should be annotated
  • Make an effort to formulate a good set of questions, not only will it produce better results and it also avoids wasting our staff's time
  • Interview requests may be done over the phone, but it is important that the caller introduces themselves, explains the project and exercises patience and appreciation towards the assisting staff member

We sincerely enjoy our interactions with Hong Kong's youth and believe we offer a unique and valuable perspective on the world in which we all live. Additionally, students should view these communiques as an opportunity to hone their interpersonal skills with adults outside of academia.