Animal Care Badge for Cub Scout and Scout

The Animal Care Badge (Cub Scout Section and Scout Section) was developed and launched as a collaborative project in 2009 by the SPCA (HK) and the Scout Association of Hong Kong.

The content for the badge is based on our Humane Education Teaching Resources Package, which covers different animals’ life cycles, needs, animal protection laws, responsible pet ownership, wildlife concerns, respect for animals and the concept of animal welfare. Its purpose is to teach young people that animals have feelings like us and that we should show concern for their well-being.

For details of the Humane Education Teaching Resources Package, please refer to the following link.

We can provide training sessions for Cub Scout and Scout Leaders.

Cub Scout and Scout Leaders, if you are interested to assist your members to achieve the Animal Care Badge, please call our Education Department on 2232 5541 or 2232 5526. to reserve a place on our Animal Welfare Badge sharing session.

You can download an application form here