Community Development Works

Since our formation in 1921 the SPCA has always been a leader in pioneering animal welfare principles and combatting animal cruelty in Hong Kong.

 The SPCA is constantly working towards achieving our Mission and Vision by: 
  • Providing caring and quality veterinary services for companion animals (of all species).
  • Finding loving homes for abandoned and unwanted animals.
  • Helping to reduce animal overpopulation through education and animal birth control initiatives such as our Cat Colony Care and Mongrel Dog Desexing Programmes.
  • Educating students and members of public in respect for life and animal welfare concepts.
  • Operating a 24-hour Inspectorate Team. Rescuing injured and trapped animals, inspecting animal trading establishments, responding to complaints of cruelty and prosecuting where necessary.

Hong Kong has witnessed a massive increase in pet ownership in recent decades, pets are becoming an integral part of the family unit. However, pet keeping can be challenging in a busy, urban citylike Hong Kong, and it is vital to ensure harmony in the community between pet owners and non-pet owners. To enhance this harmony the SPCA Community Development Team advocates responsible pet keeping in housing estates, promotes access for dogs in public areas, and actively lobbies government officials and councilors to improve animal welfare in all areas.

Harmony in Community

Harmony comes from mutual respect. This happens when the pet-keeping community behaves responsibly, and the non-pet keeping community appreciates and understands the benefits companion animals bring to the community.

The SPCA helps to promote Harmony in the Community by:

1. Providing talks giving advice and tips for local housing estates and members of the public.



2. Conducting workshops on topics such as Understanding Dogs and Cats, Cat and Dog Grooming, Senior Pet Care, Domestic Helper Pet Care Training and Nutrition.


3. Collaborating on Pet Friendly Carnivals with the Home Affairs Department District Offices, District Councils and Housing Estates, promoting harmony in a fun-filled way.


4. Producing a series of “Harmony in the Community” posters and education leaflets which are available on request.


5. Giving advice to Facility Management Teams on improving their management of animal-related matters.

Providing support to corporations and organisations who are interested in forming“Pet Fan Clubs” for their staff and families, members and/or residents. As pet-keeping becomes increasingly popular, the concept of a “Pet Fan Club” or similar can help enhance staff loyalty, facilitate communications with members, andimprove education and management in housing estates.

Call 2232 5574 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details on our programmes.


Lobbying for a more animal-friendly Hong Kong

Do you want to see more dog parks or increased dog access in parks and public recreation facilities?

The SPCA has been and continues to be proactive in reaching out to Government Departments, Legco Councilors, District Councilors, Heung Yee Kuk members, village leaders and the like tolobby for a more animal-friendly Hong Kong at all levels.

Animal-Related Handling, Training & Consultation Services

It’s not just pet-friendly estates that need to be resourceful in dealing with animal-related issues, stray and wild animals can be an issues regardless of whether you reside in rural or urban areas.

Examples include bird nests built in exhaust pipes, kittens falling into elevator shafts, stray cats and dogs roaming your premises, monkeys or boars entering housing estates and shopping malls, or any animal encroaching on rail and road systems.

As mentioned our 24-hour Inspectorate Team provides animal rescue services for injured or trapped animals, and in addition they can offer adviceon animal-friendly solutions to prevent situations from happening in the first place or reduce the nature of the problem.

The SPCA can also provide advice to property developers and consultant companies on the planning and building of true “Pet-Friendly” estates and facilities, to provide a high quality living environment for pets, pet owners and non-pet owners alike.

Call our 24-hour Inspectorate Hotline on 2711 1000 for 24-hour animal rescue service,


Call 2232 5574 for advice on animal-related matters during office hours, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.