Veterinary Training


SPCA's Dr. Jane Grey with vets in KunmingSPCA's Dr. Jane Grey with vets in KunmingPredating the China Outreach programme, our Veterinary Services Department has been working with Chinese veterinary surgeons. Since 2000, our vets have been travelling to many cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming and Nanjing, to deliver lectures. The purpose of these lectures is to improve the techniques of practicing veterinary surgeons and provide up-to-date professional training for them. Wherever possible, we also incorporate in these lectures basic concepts of animal welfare.

Veterinary Observation Programme

In addition to lectures, the SPCA also has a Veterinary Observation Programme where we accept Chinese veterinary surgeons for in-house observation. Programme length varies between a few days and a month, during which the visiting vets can observe all aspects of our work, from Inspectorate duties, welfare desexing, consultations, surgeries to rounds. Participants benefit from the exposure to cutting edge veterinary medicine as well as animal welfare practice.

Click here to download the application from for the Veterinary Observation Programme.

DVD on Desexing

Knowing that animal birth control is paramount to controlling animal population in China, a DVD detailing all aspects of desexing, from patient preparation, anaesthetic and surgical techniques to post operative care, was produced and distributed to certified veterinary surgeons in China. Apart from the veterinary aspects of animal birth control, the DVD also promotes animal welfare, especially the health benefits of desexing. Both the lecture series and DVD production would not have been possible without the generous support of our China sponsor Royal Canin.