Stopping the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

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On June 16, an “Anti-Yulin Dog Meat Festival” seminar was held in Beijing, with the goal to pressure the Yulin government, from a legal perspective, to stop organizing the annual dog meat eating festival which is to be held on June 21.

This high level seminar attracted over 40 participants including lawyers, law professors, vets and most importantly, a key government official and a standing committee member of the People's National Congress. The SPCA HK, as the only international animal welfare group invited, shared the relevant legislation and practices in Hong Kong as a reference for the lawyers in drafting their letter and also in the drafting Prevention of Cruelty to Animals law, to be submitted to the Central Government.

The message from the experts has been well heard and has spread around the country. This seminar was covered by over 30 websites in China including the Central Government’s news websites.

Encouraging news: As of the morning of June 17 – in light of the huge pressure from the public - the Yulin government announced that the government would withdraw from hosting the festival and that the slaughtering of dogs is no longer allowed to be carried out in public. This means that the festival is no longer “official" and that it is now just the action of commercial businesses and individuals.

There is still a long way to go to end this cruelty but there have been some very positive steps taken and we are excited to share this example – when the public, experts, lawmakers and academics come together, we can really make a lasting difference for animal welfare.

SPCA has been actively educating the public on animal welfare issues including the dog meat issue. Our short film “The Fool” on dog eating, has been viewed by over 4 million people in China since its launch last winter.