The China Animal Welfare Fund


China Animal Welfare Fund is managed by the SPCA effective as of 1 Apr 2015.

The Fund will be used to accelerate our effort in promoting animal welfare across China now that SPCA has a new center in Shenzhen:

  • Education for children: Support the current Humane Education program for students from 36 schools in Guangzhou and Xiamen, expand to one new city/region in China every year;
  • Training for shelter vets, vet associations and vet students to improve the care and treatment for animals in China;
  • Experience sharing for government and private shelters, animal welfare groups to promote international standard practice, increase adoption rate and reduce suffering;
  • Experience sharing with lawyers and government officials to accelerate animal welfare legislation in China to end cruelty.

Who can donate to the Fund?

  • Any individual, group or corporation based in HK who would like to improve animal welfare in China through the means of education and experience sharing.

Who are the targets to benefit from the Fund?

  • School students
  • Vets
  • Shelters
  • The general public

Who are the targets of the animal welfare education programmes supported by the Fund?

  • School educational talks, programs and education materials for students in China;
  • Trainings, experience sharing to promote internal standard animal welfare to vets, shelters in China.