China Outreach

The SPCA China Outreach programme represents our commitment to improve animal welfare, not just in our city but beyond our borders. While the programme was officially founded in 2008, we have long worked with veterinary bodies and schools in China since the 1990s.

With the rapid growth in companion animal population in China, the need to educate the public becomes a top priority. As such, the task of bringing humane education to Chinese schools becomes the core part of the China Outreach programme. We also believe that better veterinary care is crucial to improving animal welfare, and our vets have been working with practicing veterinary surgeons as well as veterinary programmes from mainland to help provide more exposure to cutting-edge veterinary medicine.

The Chinese government also has a special role to play in terms of leading the way and showing their commitment for raising awareness and improving the general welfare standards. We work with various departments and bureaus very closely to advice on law reforms, public animal facilities and a number of other issues.