Training Courses for Licensed Dog Breeders, Traders and Staff (Cap 139b)

The SPCA has been approved by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) to deliver training courses to licensed dog breeders, traders and their staff as required under the Cap 139b regulations.

These training courses are primarily designed to train those involving in dog breeding and the trade in the interests of improving animal health, care and welfare.

However, members of the public who are interested in learning more about these topics are also welcome to enroll on these courses.

Required courses  
  1. DBLA licensees
  2. DBLB licensees
  3. Managers/supervisors of DBLB premises
Modules 1-16
[24 hours]
  1. ATL licensees 
  2. Managers/supervisors of ATL premises
Modules 1-8, 13-16
[18 hours]
  1. Supervised staff
Modules 1-8
[12 hours]
Upcoming course dates  
Name Language Course syllabus Upcoming dates
Day 1 




Module 1-4

Full day May 6th 2018 (Sun)

Day 2




Module 5-8 Full day, May 7th 2018 (Mon)
Day 3




Module 13-16 Full day, May 14th 2018 (Mon)
Day 4




Module 9-12 Full day May 20th 2018 (Sun)


Exam date to be confirmed




Interested parties, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your full name, phone number and interested dates. Our team will contact you regarding registration.

Course Modules

The training courses are divided into 16 modules, for full details of the course syllabus please click HERE.


  1. Legislation relating to dogs in Hong Kong.
  2. Animal welfare and ethics of the pet trade.
  3. Basic requirements of dogs.
  4. Hygiene.
  5. Basic healthcare.
  6. First aid.
  7. Grooming.
  8. Handling and Basic Training.
  9. Genetics.
  10. Mating.
  11. Whelping.
  12. Care of neonates.
  13. Socialisation of puppies.
  14. Infectious disease and disease control.
  15. Preventative care.
  16. Dog breeds. 

Course Delivery

Course Delivery Team

The course will delivered by instructors and trainers with areas of expertise in specific aspects of the course including veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, animal behaviour trainers and qualified groomers.

 Dr. Wong, Lai Wun LillianDr. Wong, Lai Wun Lillian

Dr. Chan, Ting Hey Denise Dr. Chan, Ting Hey Denise

Dr. Chow, Tze Yan Anne Dr. Chow, Tze Yan Anne

Ms. Lin, Bei Kei BeckyMs. Lin, Bei Kei Becky 

Ms Or, Wai Yin VivianMs Or, Wai Yin Vivian

Mr. Sham, RockyMr. Sham, Rocky

Ms. Lam, Chi Yan Gabbie Ms. Lam, Chi Yan Gabbie

Ms. Leung, Suet Ping Lily Ms. Leung, Suet Ping Lily


Specific Course Tutors

First Aid, Genetics, Mating, Whelping and Infectious Disease:

Dr. Wong, Lai Wun Lillian, Dr. Chan, Ting Hey Denise and Dr. Chow, Tze Yan Anne.

Hygiene, Healthcare, Care of Neonates and Preventative Care:

Dr. Wong, Lai Wun Lillian, Dr. Chan, Ting Hey Denise, Dr. Chow, Tze Yan Anne, Ms. Lin, Bei Kei Becky and Mr. Sham, Rocky.

Legislation, Welfare, Basic Requirements and Dog Breeds:

Dr. Wong, Lai Wun Lillian, Dr. Chan, Ting Hey Denise, Dr. Chow, Tze Yan Anne, Ms. Lin, Bei Kei Becky, Mr. Sham, Rocky and Ms. Or, Wai Yin Vivian.


Ms. Lam, Chi Yan Gabbie

Socialisation of Puppies, Basic Training and Handling:

Ms. Leung, Suet Ping Lily.

Course Timetable

The following is a basic outline of the course timetable, for more in depth detail please contact us directly:

MODULES 1-8: All breeders, traders and supervised staff

Two day course:

First Day: Covering Legislation, Welfare, Basic Requirements and Hygiene.

Second Day: Basic Healthcare, First Aid, Grooming and Handling.


One day course:

Covering Socialisation of Puppies, Infectious Disease and Disease Control, Preventative Care and Dog breeds.

MODULES 9-12: DBLA and DBLB licensees, managers/supervisors of DBLB premises

One day course:

Covering Handling, Genetics, Mating, Whelping and Care of Neonates.

Examination and Certification

At the end of each course, there will be a multiple choice examination based on the training given, separate certificates will be given for course attendance and for passing the examination. There will also be questionnaire for feedback on the course including suggestions for improvement.

Training Location, Facilities and Equipment

The training will be held in our classroom on the 4th floor of the SPCA Headquarters, 5, Wan Shing Street, Wanchai. The classroom size can accommodate a maximum of 40 students, and is equipped with full audio-visual equipment.

There will be an opportunity for both practical demonstrations and student participation for example in the first aid, dog handling and grooming sessions.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are $1,000/per person/day whichever course is taken.