SPCA urges for No More Delay to Cap 139B Amendment

Thousands of Animals Suffer Every Day

In Poorly Regulated Breeding Establishments

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) [SPCA (HK)] urges the Government and the Legislative Council to take immediate action to speed up the passing of Cap 139B amendments, regulating the canine pet breeding industry.

"These new regulations are long overdue, " said Sandy Macalister, Executive Director of SPCA. "Substandard keeping of animals is the single biggest animal welfare issue in our city, and pet breeding establishments are one of the worst culprits." Macalister said that thousands of animals suffer every day, some horrendously, kept in wire cages that they can barely turn around in. "The longer that it takes for Cap 139B amendments to pass, the longer each animal has to suffer in hot, cramped, dirty conditions." said Macalister.

In July 2013, the SPCA held a media gathering, where it announced that despite welcoming the Government's new initiative to better regulate dog breeding through law reform and a multiple-licence system, more needs to be done.

Four key areas the SPCA urges to improve upon are:

  1. Buyers' rights to visit the breeder - It is the buyers' rights and responsibility to visit the breeders to inspect the breeding conditions, health and welfare of the mother and the puppies, and report poorly operated ones to the authorities,
  2. A cap on the number of dogs kept for commercial breeders - SPCA urges the need to place a cap on the maximum number of breeding dogs a commercial licence holder (ABLB) can keep to avoid "factory farming" of dogs,
  3. Mother dogs should be rested between litters - Instead of the proposed 3 litters in 2 years, SPCA urges to limit pregnancy to one per year, giving mother dog a minimum of 6 months to rest in between,
  4. All breeding dogs and puppies should be provided with appropriate living conditions ensuring their five welfare needs ( Diet, Health, Environment, Companionship & Behaviour) are met

The SPCA launched a "Boycott the Bad Breeder" Campaign in July 2013 aiming to educate the public about bad breeding practices and the cruelty and suffering involved. The response from the public was overwhelming with 25,000 plus signatures collected. The campaign is accessible at www.boycottbadbreeder.com.

"This is the start of the long journey in our quest of improving animal welfare in Hong Kong. Despite individual cruelty cases receiving a high media covering the daily suffering of animals in breeding establishments and poorly run shelters largely unnoticed." said Macalister. SPCA's vision is for the law to protect all animals ensuring they receive a high standard of care, thus safeguarding their health and welfare whether involved in breeding, kept in shelters or living at home with their owners.