Shark Fin: No Soup - No Suffering

The SPCA's campaign "Shark Fin: No Soup - No Suffering" is working to help stop the cruel act of Shark Finning

SPCA, with a particular focus on the terrible animal cruelty involved in the finning and killing of over 70 million sharks per year, joined with ocean conservation groups to call for the end of the shark finning trade. We took part in canvassing hotels and clubs calling for them to drop shark's fin soup from their menus. 

Milestones achieved so far

  • Shark's fin bans in leading hotels, including The Shangri La and The Peninsula
  • Cathay Pacific agreed to cease shipping unsustainable sharks fin products across all their airline routes
  • At the March 2013 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) meeting in Bangkok, Oceanic whitetip shark, Porbeagle shark and Hammerhead sharks (including the Scalloped Hammerhead, Great hammerhead and Smooth Hammerhead) were all successfully added to CITES Appendix II. This Appendix allows the species and its related products (like shark fins) to be commercially traded internationally, but within strict regulations to ensure sustainability of the species. Hong Kong, which accounts for around 50 percent of the annual global shark fin trade, will be obliged to amend the shark fin products trade regulation accordingly.

The campaign continues to play a major part in our school and World Animal Day programmes.