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The SPCA has been campaigning for improved breeding regulations and proper licensing for many years. We are strongly in favour of proposals for tackling this licensing issue in the most practical way ensuring that all breeding for trade is regulated and dogs are better protected.The current proposed system of two types of license can help to do just that by setting a good legal framework.

One licence addresses the need for regulating the home breeder, where there is a lower number of dogs being bred from and the animals live freely as regular family pets in the home of the breeder. The second is the more commercial license, for larger breeders, animals in these instances will be often be caged for long periods of time and the welfare of both the parents and the offspring may be compromised.

The SPCA favours the small home breeder, where we believe there is less likely to be exploitation and better welfare of the animals involved.

In both scenarios it is imperative that minimum standards and codes of practice are in place to ensure the animal’s welfare is protected.

In addition, it is important for the buyer to be able to visit any licensed breeder and purchase directly - to see how the animals are kept and play their role in ensuring the welfare of man’s best friend is maximised.

Progress has been made but there is still dissent on the best way forward with some parties still counter proposing a single licence system based around a large scale, highly commercial approach. This could further delay the implementation of this much-needed legislation and has the potential to effectively ban the home breeder or drive them underground– unintentionally sanctioning a factory farming approach for dog breeding. This would be a serious consequence for animal welfare, a step backwards – not forwards and hardly what the new regulations are designed to achieve.

SPCA asks for your support at this time. We have no ulterior motive, other than wishing to see an end to the cruelty involved in the breeding business.

We are grateful for the 25,000 of you who have signed our Boycott The Bad Breeder Petition in support of this stand. For any of you who haven't we urge you do so by following the below link.