Boycott the Bad Breeder

With the Hong Kong Government revising and upgrading pet trade laws, our campaign launched on 15 July 2013, with the aim of educating the public about how bad breeding practices are cruel to dogs. The campaign calls for tougher laws and asking everyone to sign a petition, which will be presented to the Government in late 2013.

SPCA believes that there are 4 key areas that must be addressed:

A cap on the number of dogs kept by commercial breeders
In the current proposal, there is no limit to the number of breeding females and other dogs a commercial license holder (ABLB) can keep.  No cap on numbers leads to potential factory farming of dogs.

Mother dogs should be rested between litters
The current proposal specifies that mothers can give birth to a maximum of three litters every two years. The SPCA urges the Government to limit pregnancy to one per year, giving the mother dog a minimum of 6 months to rest and regain her physical health before breeding again.

All breeding dogs and puppies should have freedom of movement
Dogs are social and active animals that need to be exercised every day. Currently the proposed code of practice may not ensure that breeding bitches get sufficient living space and the opportunity to exercise adequately.  Currently the minimum exercise period is one hour a day which means that dogs could be caged for 23 hours a day, for their entire breeding lives.

Buyers should have the right to visit the breeder
It should be a fundamental buyer’s right and responsibility to see where and how a puppy has been raised. Only then can a buyer be assured of the good breeding conditions, the health and welfare of the mother and puppies. A good breeder will welcome buyers’ inspections and indeed will want to know if the buyer is a suitable owner for the pup.

We believe that it is only by buyers actually visiting the breeder and reporting any concerns to AFCD or SPCA, that we will be able to stop bad breeders and protect puppies and their mothers from terrible cruelty.

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