Dental disease is extremely common in pet animals, especially as they get older. Signs include:

  • Heavy tartar deposits
  • Loose, broken or diseased teeth
  • Inflamed gums
  • Smelly Breath 

All the above are painful and unpleasant for the animal concerned AND to add insult to injury the resulting bad breath can be very unpleasant for the owner, with avoidance of close contact adding to the suffering endured.

Unfortunately, animals often adapt and cope with the discomfort and/or pain of dental disease and may not show obvious signs but anyone who has experienced toothache or the annoyance of a loose tooth can easily relate to what their pet is experiencing.

And as if the above is not bad enough, the effects of dental disease can go way beyond the mouth of your pet. Bacteria and toxins originating in the mouth have easy access to the bloodstream and can cause problems as far away as the liver, kidneys or even heart valves.

However it’s not all doom and gloom…..Help is at hand…

Following on from the success of previous campaigns we will be relaunching our PET BRIGHT SMILES campaign soon.... watch this space for further details!

Through our special rate dental check consultations, we will identify any problems, give advice on dental care and recommend necessary treatments or procedures.


Our campaign features the following:

  • Special fee dental checks including a detailed oral examination and a basic body exam.
  • Special rates on dental procedures including descaling/ polishing, dental X-ray and tooth extraction.
  • For all dental procedures performed, a certificate including a dental chart of your pet’s teeth for your record will be issued.
  • 20% of dental prescription diets
  • 20% off selected retail dental products.


For more information on dental disease download our dental information sheet or check out our videos below:

Teeth Cleaning


Dental products and diet


Terms and Conditions:

  1. A dental check is a 10 minute consultation including a full oral examination, i-plaque staining to identify problem dental areas and a basic body exam. If the animal has additional problems normal consultation fees will apply.
  2. Special rates apply to dental procedures only. Anaesthetic fees, laboratory tests, intravenous fluids, other diagnostics or medications etc. will be charged at normal rates.
  3. If the dental check detects any problems a dental surgery form will be issued, to enjoy the special rates booking must occur within one month from the date of consultation.
  4. In certain cases (such as rotten, damaged or broken teeth, exposed roots or abcesses/infection) dental extractions may need to be performed, the decision regarding extraction rests with the veterinary surgeon concerned.