An Unusual Patient on the SPCA Spay and Neuter Vehicle (SNV)

The SPCA SNV received an unusual patient on 25 October 2021 when it was carrying out a special neutering project for dogs in the Lok Ma Chau neighbourhood. While our medical team was focusing on the surgical table, a local villager approached the vehicle urgently asking for help for his young female goat. She was pregnant and had her water broken 36 hours before but yet no baby goat had been born, leaving her and the baby's lives at stake.


Our vet examined her and found that the baby was in the wrong position for natural labour and concluded that an emergency Caesarian section was needed immediately in hopes of saving their lives. The surgery was conducted under general anesthesia and a healthy (and noisy!) baby boy was successfully delivered. The owner took both the mother and the baby goat home to rest afterwards and the mother made a swift recovery.

To commemorate this special day, the owner named the baby goat 'Godsend' meaning it is a precious gift from God.

During the last three months, Godsend grew up a lot. The owner said he drinks 30oz of whole milk every mealtime and has already grown five times in size. Godsend's daily routine includes going for a walk with his owner and playing with the owner's grandson. Godsend is adorable but he sometimes can be quite naughty. He is also very picky with his food especially fond of whole milk and will not take a sip of any other kinds. He also sees his owner's flowers as snacks including the owner's precious orchid! It looks like Godsend is not only a gift from God but also a much loved and spoiled kid.

We wish Godsend a happy and healthy life with his family!