Great News for Macau’s Greyhounds!

The Macau Canidrome has finally closed, bringing to an end the suffering of 100’s of greyhounds. However, the hard work has only just begun; all these wonderful dogs need a new and loving home so they can live out their lives in the peace and quiet they so desperately deserve.

Want to find out more about these amazing dogs?

Check out our video interview with Dr. Cynthia who is an animal behaviourist and greyhound parent herself.

Still need more information?

Download our information sheet on greyhounds.

After careful consideration if you are willing and ready to give one of these amazing creatures a new lease of life we would recommend contacting Anima, Macau for the latest information.

The SPCA will continue to lobby the AFCD to extend the current  special import arrangement for Hong Kong adopters. Watch this space!