Becoming a Foster Parent

The SPCA’s Foster Parent Programme aims to improve the chances of abandoned animals with special needs through fostering in a caring home environment, with a view of helping them find permanent, loving homes once they become suitable for adoption.

The programme constantly needs new foster parents, as many foster parents leave the programme when they fall in love and adopt their charges! Others may leave due to changing personal circumstances e.g. relocation for work.

However before agreeing to become a foster parent, there are a number of issues that need to be taken into careful consideration:

Fostering must not be considered a "rent-a-pet" scheme

  • Have an altruistic and realistic view about animal fostering.
  • Are experienced in caring for animals.
  • Actively foster the animals themselves and do not off-load all the work on a maid or friends.
  • Are committed and able to meet all the animals needs - this may mean remaining at home or adhering to strict feeding schedules (e.g. feeding as frequently as every two to three hours for very young animals).
  • Can keep the foster animals in a suitable environment and, if required, isolated from other animals.
  • Respect SPCA's instructions and guidelines and recognise that they are set in the best interest of the welfare of the animals.
  • Personally look after the animals so as to quickly pick up first signs of any illness such as diarrhoea, vomiting, skin diseases, and seek early advice from the SPCA.
  • Follow any medical instructions given.
  • Maintain good communication with our Foster team including adhering to appointments for check-ups, vaccinations, adoption or return.
  • Can respect and accept the SPCA’s decisions. The vet must be free to decide when a condition has gone beyond treatment or an animal's chance of subsequently being homed does not, in welfare terms, justify a lengthy and perhaps unsuccessful course of medication.

Our Foster Parent Programme Co-ordinator

Lucy Wong, our Foster Parent CoordinatorLucy Wong, our Foster Parent CoordinatorLucy Wong, our volunteer Foster Parent Coordinator, oversees all foster animal placements and assists with programme communication.

Since 2000, Lucy has helped the SPCA improve and expand its Foster Programme. Under her guidance, more than 1,450 foster parents have been recruited. There are about 30 active foster parents at any one time – looking after an average of over 55 animals a month!

Lucy ensures that the quality of foster care is maintained at a high standard and appropriate foster parents for animals with different needs are found in a timely manner.

If you wish to become a foster parent or have any questions regarding the programme:
Please contact Lucy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her on  2232 5524.