Chickens & Eggs - For Hen's Sake

Every year Hong Kong imports and consumes more than 1.5 billion eggs making it the
second largest egg importer in the world.

The majority of these are produced in battery farming systems that do not allow chickens the freedom for natural behaviour. Even the most simple of behaviours such as the ability to flap their wings or to perch are denied.

The SPCA is deeply concerned for the welfare of these millions of chickens and we want the people of Hong Kong to join us to reduce this unnecessary suffering.

The truth is that farming techniques and egg production are led by us, the consumers,
so the power is in our hands to make a difference.

We ask that you consider buying eggs produced from non-battery systems, such as cage-free, barn, organic and free range. All of these systems provide different levels of enrichments and freedoms for chickens.

There you can find out all about the welfare concerns associated with intensive egg farming, learn about the different categories of eggs and the different standards in the different countries that export to Hong Kong.