Asia for Animals Conference 2014

Asia for Animals Conference 2014 facebook post

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) sent down a team of professionals (veterinary surgeons, welfare staff, educators and inspectors) to attend and present at the Asia for Animals (AFA) Conference 2014 held in Singapore. The conference was bringing together Asian animal welfare organisations and international experts from over 30 countries to share knowledge, discuss current issues with a view to finding solutions.

According to the SPCA Chief Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Jane Grey, the 5-day-conference is a unique opportunity to gain new skills, share experience and learn from experts together with networking with animal advocates from all over Asia and the rest of the world.

“It was really encouraging meeting like-minded people from all over Asia to share ideas and concepts, uniting together to achieve common goals - improving animal welfare, is much easier through co-operation of NGOs. A good example of this is the AFA Coalition comprising amongst others of SPCA (HK), Animals Asia Foundation and International Animal Rescue,” she said.

The SPCA was heavily involved in the Companion Animal Streams. Dr. Jane Gray presented on The Welfare Issues and Ethics of Humane Companion Animal Management. The session gave an overall view of animal welfare and the ethics of companion animal management looking at issues such as quality of life (a life worth living), capacity to care and the principle of “do no harm” with respect to both the shelter and field (Trap-Neuter-Return Programme) environment. The purpose was to provoke thought and discussion on working towards the best possible welfare of animals in a variety of environments.

Dr. Fiona Woodhouse, Deputy Director of Welfare coordinated a workshop - Stray Dogs Management. Every country has populations of stray dogs and the resulting welfare problems and human conflict issues that arise. Many groups shared several years of experience in tackling this issue. It aimed at learning from others what has worked in their experience, and what hasn’t work.

Our Education Manager Vivian Chiu delivered a speech on Advocating a Love for Animals. The speech shared the SPCA’s experience of educational work on animal welfare and the quality ways to help disseminate the message of animal care to the general public, especially to the youth.

In addition to presenting and coordinating SPCA staff attended working groups on a variety of topics including: Animal Testing, Animals in Entertainment, Cetaceans in Captivity, Dog and Cat Meat Tradeand the Wildlife Trade.

“With this opportunity, the SPCA would continue to be dedicated to benefit animals in Hong Kong and the advancement of society. We can also work together with other organizationsto improve animal welfare not just in Hong Kong but the entire region,” Dr. Fiona added.

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