Cat Colony Care Programme – Hong Kong Jockey Club Volunteer Support Network

The Society officially launched the ‘Cat Colony Care Programme’ since 2000, it has been greatly supported by the volunteers and the general public. Starting from late 2020, we were fortunate to have had the full support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club in establishing ‘Cat Colony Care Programme – Hong Kong Jockey Club Volunteer Support Network’ to further expand the programme and help more street cats through public events, volunteer development and the purchase of equipment. 99% of the resources the SPCA has been using, including the expenditure for sterilising more than 80,000 street cats in the past 21 years, all come from the general public. Therefore, the SPCA would hereby like to sincerely thank the Hong Kong Jockey Club for supporting various aspects of our work.


「CCCP 20th Anniversary Celebration - Cat Festival 2020」

Sponsored by ProVet, The Cat Festival last year was also supported by the HKJC for their generous sponsorship. HKJC’s volunteers even provided on-site event support at the Cat Festival, dedicating themselves to promoting the CCCP to animal-loving individuals.

Tailor-made Humane Cat Traps

Every day, rain or shine, SPCA’s volunteer carers and helpers (our cat-guardian angels) watch over stray cats as they wander around in various cat colonies.

From time to time at night they will catch and bring them to the SPCA’s dedicated Cat Colony Care facility, where the next day the SPCA’s veterinary team perform neutering surgeries and vaccinate, implant microchips and apply various anti-parasitic treatments to keep them healthy. In the evening cat-guardian angels come and collect the street cats and release them back to their neighbourhood.

With the rapid development of the CCCP over the years, there is an ever urgent need for resources to sustain the programme. To these ends the HKJC has provided funds for new humane cat traps and carriers engraved with unique serial numbers to identify the registered volunteer carers and helpers. Moreover, the HKJC has even donated tasty treats for street cats to feast on!

Volunteer Development

In June and July 2020, a team of cat-loving volunteers from HKJC shadowed SPCA staff and experienced volunteers visiting different cat colonies around Hong Kong, to get familiar with the needs and methods used to help stray cats.

Last July, Monna Yu and auntie Ying, two senior SPCA volunteers organised 2 workshops, teaching HKJC’s volunteers to make covers for the humane cat traps and carriers.



Once again, the SPCA would like to express our sincerest gratitude to
the Hong Kong Jockey Club, especially to their caring and loving volunteers.