Animal Welfare Vehicle

The problem of dog and cat overpopulation is particularly prevalent in the New Territories and Outlying Islands, where animals are "loosely owned", seldom desexed, and allowed to wander freely.

This results in thousands of unwanted litters of kittens and puppies each year. The majority of these litters do not find homes and are either dumped on the street or at rubbish collection points. Once on the street, these animals are at risk of injury, illness, starvation, traffic accidents, predation and an inhumane death. 


The Animal Welfare Vehicle makes it possible for our team to visit villages, educate the public and promote the desexing of dogs and cats as a means of birth control. 

Made possible by the generous sponsorship of the the Sir Robert Ho Tung Fund, the Animal Welfare Vehicle is a purpose built, mobile surgical unit dedicated to providing low cost sterilisation for dogs and cats in rural areas.

By making desexing more accessible, the Animal Welfare Vehicle helps to prevent thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens being born each year and spread the message of responsible pet ownership.

The Animal Welfare Vehicle is stationed at different locations during the week.
If you are interested in using the services of the Animal Welfare Vehicle,
please call 2232 5513 to make a booking.