ABC - Animal Birth Control

Animal birth control is central to many of SPCA's welfare programmes as animal overpopulation continues to be an animal welfare issue in Hong Kong.

Every year, thousands of stray animals are euthanised simply because they cannot be rehomed.
 The only long term, effective and humane solution is to STOP THE REPRODUCTION of existing populations of dogs through de-sexing and enforcement of responsible pet ownership.
Presently, only 55.9% of pet dogs are desexed in Hong Kong.

Many of these animals are born on the streets, the offspring of abandoned or unneutered pets that are left to roam and reproduce freely. Life on the street can be tough - many of these animals are vulnerable to illness, accidents and injury.

For the same reason, many are unsuitable for adoption as they have never been confined and are not socialised to humans.

The SPCA runs several programmes to help control the existing population of animals in a humane, sustainable way. By preventing future births, we aim to reduce the number of unwanted animals. 

SPCA believes that in an ideal world every companion animal
should be neutered and have a home for life.