Great Ideas - Treats that will make your furkids go crazy

It’s hard to resist the urge of buying treats for your beloved pets from time to time. Yet, you also want to put safety first, especially about the ingredients of the treats. So, how about making the treats yourself? Here is a recipe that can easily be made with nutritious and delicious ingredients. Your pets will certainly be begging you for more!

Friendly reminder: Please note that giving your pets a new type of food could result in a stomach upset, especially if fed in large quantities. If your pets have a history of a sensitive stomach please be cautious. The snacks should only be fed in small portion as treats and not used to replace regular meals.



Beef Tenderloin 40g

Chicken Breast 40g

Sweet Potato 30g


1 Peel the sweet potato.

2 Slice up the peeled sweet potato.

3 Slice up the beef tenderloin into small pieces.

4 Slice up the chicken breast into small pieces as well.

5 Put all three ingredients into a steamer for at least 10 minutes.

6 Mince the cooked beef tenderloin.

7 Mince the cooked chicken breast as well.

8 Add in the cooked sweet potato. Then mix it with both the minced beef tenderloin and minced chicken breast.

9 Roll the “dough” into a ball shape, and place it in the middle of the cookie cutter.

10 Press down firmly on the dough to form its shape. Place the treats on an oven-proof tray.

11 Preheat your oven to 100°C and cook the tray of treats for 20 minutes.

12 Voilà!