Great Ideas - Spoil Your Furkids With An Eco-Friendly DIY Toy

Dogs love anything that has to do with playing. It’s not a surprise that many owners will purchase many toys for their beloved pets. Yet, when you have an active dog, you soon realise that a brand-new toy can be easily be torn apart. Are there any ways to ensure your playful pooch has plenty of toys, without breaking the bank?

Yes, and you have the materials you need at home. Just open your wardrobe, pull out a couple of unwanted t-shirts, make some tiny adjustments, and VOILA, you’ve just made your pet a brand-new toy! Not only does it ease your pockets, it’s also environmentally-friendly, and clears out space in your home.

Here’s how to make a quick-and-easy toy that guarantees hours for fun for your pet.


You will need:

1 You will need one of your many unmatched socks (admit it, you have them too…), two, old t-shirts (or just one t-shirt, if you prefer the toy to be a single colour), and a pair of scissors

2 Lay your t-shirt(s) on the floor and cut-out two ‘tubes’ from each different t-shirt, starting from the bottom of the t-shirt.

3 Slit the side of the tubes, so their length is doubled.

4 Place the strips in the shape of an ‘asterisk’ or eight-sided star.

5 Roll up an old sock and place it in the centre of the strips.

6 Wrap each strip of fabric around the sock, in alternating colours.

7 Secure the final ball of fabric with another strip by tying a knot at its base.

8 Secure the knot with tape.

9 Cut the remaining strips in half, lengthways.

10 Braid or plait the strips in groups of three.

11 Done!