Happy Ever After - Let’s Stay Together Forever

These two sisters, Dau Dau and Bebe, have lived with William and his parent for four years. The two girls sometimes fight over toys or snacks. However, this dedicated family of dog lovers is determined to take good care of them and fulfill the promise of a lifetime.

It was in the winter of 2016 that Bob, an SPCA inspector, rescued the pups from a manhole near Cape Collinson Chinese Permanent Cemetery in Chai Wan. They were not in good shape – they had fleas and one had an inflamed left eye while the other had a swollen right hind leg. After medical treatment by the SPCA veterinary team, the two sisters were put up for adoption – one in Sai Kung Centre and other in Wan Chai, due to space restrictions. Bebe was slightly luckier than Dau Dau, as she met William in Sai Kung Centre first.


Destined to be Sisters Together

“I still remember the first night I brought Bebe home. She wouldn’t urinate on the floor like a typical stray dog. Instead, she knocked the door and signaled to me that she had to go to toilet. I was truly stunned at that moment,” William says.

It didn’t take long for William to notice another mongrel on the SPCA website, who looked exactly the same as Bebe and had a consecutive SPCA number. Out of curiosity, William visited Wan Chai Centre and discovered that Dau Dau was Bebe’s sibling, who had already been adopted but returned to the Centre recently.

When William first visited Dau Dau, staff members tried to bring Dau Dau out of the kennel, but she refused to move as she was too nervous. Yet, William didn’t give up. He took Bebe to the Centre to visit Dau Dau. This time, Dau Dau came out of her room and began to play with Bebe as if they had never left each other. William realised that these two sisters were destined to live together. He immediately applied to adopt Dau Dau and soon was able to take her home.


A Rocky Beginning

When Dau Dau first arrived at her new home, she spent most of her time with Bebe and they both enjoyed watching TV with William on the sofa together. Unfortunately, the ‘honeymoon’ period did not last long. Dau Dau began to hide under the desk for much of the time. Whenever she came back after a walk, she would immediately urinate on the floor out of nervousness. Both dogs began to fight over toys and food and sometimes injured each other – Bebe’s forehead was bleeding while Dau Dau’s front leg was hurt. One time, when William’s mother tried to stop them fighting, they injured her thumb in the process, and she had to be hospitalised.


Seeking Professional Help

William decided to seek help from Lily, senior dog trainer from the SPCA.“Dau Dau and Bebe are of the same gender and have similar physique, which make them more likely to compete over resources like toys and food,” Lily explains. She suggested William put away the toys and divide his home into two areas for a while, to separate the two dogs.

Although not every day is perfect, William and his parents have never thought of surrendering either of their beloved dogs.


A Happy Family of Five

During the interview, William and his parents’ eyes sparkle when they talk about their furkids. “They are good girls,” says William’s father, as he pats the two girls affectionately.

It’s clear that Dau Dau and Bebe completely trust each member in this family, even Dau Dau, who is nervous when meeting strangers. When she is with the family, however, she will ask for a pat and has a bright smile on her face. It’s clear that William and his parents have put enormous effort in taking great care of the two furkids.

There are always ups and downs in life, and it’s the same when keeping pets. The most important thing is to overcome the obstacles together. We wish Dau Dau and Bebe all the best in the future as they live “happily ever after” with William’s family!