Inspirational People

Over the past century, the SPCA has been actively promoting animal welfare in Hong Kong and, at the same time, adapting and improving according to the development and changes of the SAR with the support of numerous donors, staff members, SPCA members and the general public. Ms. Pamela D. Barton MBE is one of our longest-standing supporters, first becoming involved with the Society in 1963. During her 50+ years support for the Society, she has taken on a variety of roles: starting out as a volunteer; becoming an Executive Committee Member (1986–1991); then President (1991–1997), and currently as a trustee and a donor.


Ms. Barton was introduced to the SPCA through Mrs. Lenore Winfield, who was a Society committee member in the 1960s. Together, they went out to feed stray dogs along Canton Road. As Ms. Barton recalls, the SPCA at that time was a small organisation and its head office was on Princess Margaret Road.

“In fact, the Chairman at that time lived on the floor above the animals,” says Ms. Barton. “The Society also had an office in Austin Road where the paint was peeling badly. I’d had experience of fixing buildings, and when I saw the office’s poor condition, I decided to repaint it myself, even though I didn’t have much money. Then, when the Kowloon office came to my notice, I went there every year and repainted the walls of the reception room and the kennels. Later on, I raised money to get this work done.”

Pamela Barton’s talent for repairs and improvements is expansive, from designing uniforms for the SPCA staff and setting up the Pamela Barton Education Fund to cover the cost of further study for staffs to planning the design of our Wanchai Headquarters. The Pamela D. Barton Animal Welfare Centre was opened in 1992. The establishment of the Wanchai Headquarters marked an important milestone for the Society’s work, not only providing 24-hour veterinary services, but also putting more resources into animal welfare advocacy.

In addition to the operation and development of the Society, Ms. Barton has also set up the framework for the Society’s work on animal protection law advocacy. She recalls a shocking experience when she visited the construction site of Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok with the Society’s inspectors in 1997. They found dog’s teeth in the soup the construction workers ate for lunch. That incident inspired her to advocate even harder for improving the animal protection law and urging the government to allocate more resources to arresting and prosecuting perpetrators.


Ms. Barton visited the Sai Kung Centre when she was the President of the Society in 1992.


Her anticipation to the completion of the Wanchai Headquarter was captured in this image showing her participating the topping-out ceremony for the current Wanchai Headquarters in 1992, a project she has been putting so much effort into.

She joined a parade with fellow staff members and supporters of the SPCA back in 2007.


“It’s a great joy to be involved with the SPCA and I am so proud to work with such dedicated people. We are the ‘seniors’ now and I hope we can maintain good relations with all those who love and look after animals, whatever their age. My wish is to continue to create better futures for animals in Hong Kong.”