Happy Ever After - From Cruelty to Kindness

From Cruelty to Kindness

Do you remember the animal cruelty case in Tsing Lung Tau last year? Some of the injured animals, including 9 cats and 3 chinchillas, have recovered and begun a new chapter of their lives. Bo Bo, a chinchilla, received intensive medical care from the SPCA team and she is now living happily ever after with her new family – John and his daughter Ching Ching.

It’s not the first time for John’s family to keep a chinchilla. At first, they just wanted to help after hearing about the tragedy in Tsing Lung Tau. They thought they could give a home to at least one of the poor ‘fur kids’, so they decided to contact the SPCA. After receiving a call from the staff, John took Ching Ching to the adoption centre. At that time, there were two chinchillas who were looking for forever homes. Ching Ching fell in love with Bo Bo at first sight. From that day onwards, Bo Bo become an important part of the family.

Before adopting Bo Bo, John taught his daughter how to be a responsible pet owner, and she hasn’t let him down. Ching Ching cleans Bo Bo’s cage every day, and let Bo Bo out for a walk regularly. Bo Bo has become a close friend. In addition to begging for hugs, Bo Bo keeps Ching Ching company when she is doing homework. Ching Ching says Bo Bo is the most friendly and affectionate pet she’s ever met. After a few months, Bo Bo has completely blended into her new family. Not only has she put on much necessary weight, she also loves wandering around her new home.

It’s hard to believe that Bo Bo was once a victim of animal cruelty. We are so glad that she has met her ‘furever’ parents and is living a loving life.

Love Is A Forever Promise

Adoption is a promise of a lifetime and ‘pawrents’ have to be responsible for the health of their ‘fur kids’. Take Harlie the white rabbit’s case as an example. When she was rescued by the SPCA team in Tsing Yi she was in terrible health; losing fur on her limbs, bleeding when her nails were cut, and her front teeth were misshapen due to bad eating habits. Fortunately, after receiving proper medical treatment at the SPCA, Harlie recovered slowly and was then ready for adoption. The SPCA hoped that Harlie could find a forever home with a loving family.

Similar to many people who intend to adopt a pet, Joyce and Tin had many worries before adopting Harlie because they had never had a pet before. They were worried if they could provide the proper environment, food and medical treatment to Harlie if she got sick. After doing a lot of research, Joyce and Tin took time to search for a huge cage for Harlie online. They wanted to create a perfect home for her. When they received the call from the SPCA adoption centre, Joyce recalled feeling very much like about to give birth to a child. She immediately took a taxi to the centre while calling Tin on the phone to buy food for Harlie. They were overwhelmed when they saw the sticker on Harlie’s cage saying, “I have a home!”.

Said Joyce and Tin: “Harlie, welcome home! We promise to protect you and cure all your diseases. We will stay by your side in every minute of your life!”

Such promises not only brought enormous, positive changes to Harlie’s life, but also to her ‘pawrents’. Tin admits he used to wake up in the last minute, but now he gets up early every day to clean Harlie’s cage and feed her. Harlie is flourishing under their loving care and they are experiencing great joy in owning a pet. May Harlie, Joyce and Tin be blessed and live happily ever after!