Feature Story - A Pet’s Influence on Your Life

Pets are truly man's best friend. They offer companionship and bring so much joy to our lives. Owning a pet brings health benefits as many scientific studies have shown – they can help to lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol and lessen stress levels. Pets can also offer increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities as well as the ability to combat loneliness.

The coronavirus pandemic has swept the globe, filling communities with stress, anxiety and uncertainty. Your pet can be instrumental in easing these unpleasant feelings.


An inseparable bond in life and death

Theresa and her beloved Pomeranian dog Bobo San had 16 wonderful years together. Bobo San wasn’t just part of her daily life, he was also a part of her family. A year and a half ago, she experienced the most intense feeling of sadness and sorrow – grief at the loss of her dear companion. Memories of Bobo San flooded her mind continuously, a normally vibrant and cheerful Theresa couldn’t shake the feeling of despair. She immersed herself in work and avoided social gatherings, sinking deeper into depression. Her friends and family remarked how she had aged 10 years.


Fill the soul with peace

After a great deal of persistence and encouragement, her family and friends managed to convince Theresa to consider adopting an animal in need from the SPCA. It was not easy for her – she still missed Bobo San terribly. However, she took the first step and went to the adoption centre in Kowloon. She took a deep breath as she pressed the button for the lift. Overwhelmed by emotion, her eyes welled up with tears as she was greeted by a selection of adorable “adoptable” dogs. It was on her third visit when she met the 8-year-old Pomeranian dog Yiu Yiu who had been abandoned by her previous owner. Theresa could see the similarities between Yiu Yiu and Bobo San. The weight in her heart began to lift - it was love at first sight, Yiu Yiu looked at her with wide innocent eyes as if to say, “I am a good girl, please don’t leave me behind!” Theresa started weeping.

She had some concerns about adopting Yiu Yiu since she had not completely healed from the loss of Bobo San. After some thought, she decided to proceed with the adoption even though the memory of Bobo San was still with her. Both Theresa and Yiu Yiu needed to adjust – Theresa getting accustomed to a new dog and Yiu Yiu getting used to a new owner. Sometimes, she could not take care Yiu Yiu very well, but Yiu Yiu tried hard to settle down without troubling her. It took a month to getting used to each other. Yiu Yiu has been responsible for helping Theresa get her life back on track and in focus.


Supporting each other

Theresa wasn’t the only one who had to make some adjustments. Yiu Yiu found it difficult to settle in her new home at first. Perhaps it was because she was afraid she might be abandoned again. Theresa persevered in trying to gain Yiu Yiu’s trust. And it paid off! “One day, Yiu Yiu rolled over and exposed her belly to me – a definite sign of trust!” Theresa smiled. “Sometimes our furry friends need us more than we need them.”

After spending almost a year with Yiu Yiu, Theresa said Yiu Yiu suffers with knee problems something that will likely worsen in old age. “Our time together is limited but I will cherish the days I have with her. I will continue to take excellent care of her. Yiu Yiu was there for me at a crucial time and now I am here for her!”


The spoken languages may differ between us, but the love and affection are the same.


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