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Published by the SPCA, Pawprint is an animal welfare magazine that highlights the latest work of the SPCA and membership activities, as well as current animal welfare issues.

Pawprint is published three times a year – February, May and August, and is available in both Chinese and English. As a member privilege, SPCA members enjoy a free subscription to Pawprint. For members of the public, however, the magazine is available online in PDF format.

If you are a member and wish to change the language preference for your Pawprint subscription, please contact our Membership Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 2232 5548.

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Issue 103 2017/05 2017/07

Issue 103 - 2017/05 2017/07


  • Spotlight 2
  • Notes from ExCo 3
    Interview with SPCA Volunteer Inspector
    Kaizer Ng
  • Notice board 4
  • Cover story 5 - 9
    Early Prevention of Animal Cruelty through Legislation
  • Feature 10
    Malicious Animal Poisoning in Hong Kong
  • SPCA case files 12 - 13
  • Vet facts 14
    Toxic Hazards on the Streets of Hong Kong
  • Vet’s case book 15
    A Poisoning Caught in the Nick of Time
  • Vet Tips 16 - 17
    Poisoning and Your Pet
  • At the frontline 18 - 19
    Dr Eamon Ryan, Debi Siu, Dominic Lung, Po Po Chan
  • SPCA update 20 - 21
  • Community development 22
    Working Closely with our Councillors to Improve the Welfare of Animals in Hong Kong
  • China outreach 23
    • The SPCA Participates in the China Charity Fair
    • Introducing Humane Education to Remote Areas in Northwest China
  • Happy endings 24
    From a Canine Hellhole to a Caring Home
  • Awaiting adoption 25
  • Members’ corner 26 - 27
  • Kids' corner 28 - 29
    Building Caring Individuals through SPCA Education

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