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Published by the SPCA, Pawprint is an animal welfare magazine that highlights the latest work of the SPCA and membership activities, as well as current animal welfare issues.

Pawprint is published three times a year – February, May and August, and is available in both Chinese and English. As a member privilege, SPCA members enjoy a free subscription to Pawprint. For members of the public, however, the magazine is available online in PDF format.

If you are a member and wish to change the language preference for your Pawprint subscription, please contact our Membership Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 2232 5548.

If you are a representative of a Hong Kong school and would like to subscribe to Pawprint, please contact our Education Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Issue 101 2016/08 2016/10

Issue 101 - 2016/08 2016/10


  • Spotlight 1
  • Views of an SPCA Volunteer Leonie Stawniak 1
  • Notes from ExCo Joanna Eades 2
  • Wonderful donation for Cinderella Medical Fund from Mr & Mrs Ng Kwok Wing 3
  • Notice board 3 - 4
  • Cover story Promoting animal welfare in China 5 - 9
  • Feature Hong Kong’s ongoing housing crisis – pets in peril… 10
  • Inspectorate SPCA Case Files 12 - 13
  • Veterinary Vet Facts 14
    Vet’s Case Book 15
    Vet Tips 16 - 17
  • At the frontline Dr Louise Anderson, Marcus Lo, Charson Leung, Connie Cheung 18 - 19
  • SPCA update Our thanks to Perfect Potion for their great generosity 20
  • Stanley Dog Carnival 20
  • Annual volunteer party 21
  • The SPCA urges expediency in the passing of the proposed amendment to the Public Health (Animals and Birds) (Animal Traders) (Cap 139B) 21
  • Community development A Waterfront for Us All 22
  • China outreach 23
  • Happy endings Traffic accident survivor “Bloody Merry” found new home 24
  • Awaiting adoption Wong Choi, Ah Tong, Happy, Meli 25
  • Members’ corner Review of Members’ Activities 26 - 27
  • Kids' corner Summer Highlights 28 - 29

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