Our Ambassadors

Ken Chan

Actor and TV show host Ken Chan adopted one of his dogs from the SPCA. He was appointed a SPCA Ambassador and his love for mongrels have prompted him to be the face of these wonderful dogs in several of our key campaigns.


Elena Kong

Actress Elena is our Education Ambassador for the “Animal Caring Ambassador Programme programme 2015-16”. Through supporting this campaign, she hopes to spread the message of “respect for life” and “concern for animals” to primary schools and the public.


Eric Kwok

Singer-song writer and music producer Eric Kwok was appointed SPCA Ambassador in 2017. He starred as a member of the “Animal Heroes Team” in SPCA Raffle, launched in Feb 2017 to promote everyday kindness to animals.


Sharon Kwok

Sharon is a well-known animal lover & has been appointed to be the Ambassador of SPCA Cadet Inspector Programme since 2008. Throughout all these years, Sharon showed great support to the Cadet Inspector Programme as well as other SPCA welfare initiatives


Ryan Lau

Famous Media Professional Ryan Lau has been our "Aniform Day" Ambassador since 2015 and actively promotes the fostering of an animal-friendly society in Hong Kong.


Hacken Lee

Singer Hacken Lee, being an outspoken animal lover, has been the long-time ambassador for our Animal Sponsorship programme.


Joe Ma

Joe joined us as an SPCA Ambassador in 2013. Being a keen animal lover, Joe adopted "Rocky" an SPCA rescue dog. "Rocky" was featured in SPCA's "Boycott the Bad Breeder" campaign in a video ad that spoke out against the dangers of puppy smuggling. Joe and his wife, Karen, offer their support whenever they can including headlining our 2013 Adoptathon.


Karen Mok

Singer-songwriter and actress Karen Mok has been a SPCA Ambassador since 1998. Throughout the years the multi-talented star has actively promoted animal welfare in Hong Kong, notably in our "Say No to Fur" and "End the Seal Hunt" campaigns.


Michael Tse

Actor Michael Tse was appointed SPCA Ambassador in 2010 and has since been the spokesperson for our "A Pet is for Life" campaign.


Susan Tse

Veteran actress Susan Tse has been a SPCA ambassador since 2010. Susan believes that our companion animals are part of our family and she has helped promote lifelong animal companionship to the general public.


Kitty Yuen

Radio and TV show host Kitty Yuen has been a SPCA Ambassador since 2004 and was appointed our Education Ambassador in 2012. Apart from promoting animal welfare in a few of our key campaigns, she also published a book about life with her chihuahua "Dee Dee" in 2009. In her book, Kitty highlighted some of the services the SPCA offers, including our behaviour training courses. She also donated her books for our charity sales.