02-10-2016,SPCA (HK) Hill’s X SPCA “Dance with Woofs” Carnival

(Hong Kong, 2 October 2016) To celebrate its 95th Anniversary, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) organised a Hill’s X SPCA “Dance with Woofs” Carnival today at the West Kowloon Nursery Park. This fun-filled Carnival attracted many pet owners and their dogs to come and support the Society’s efforts in promoting animal welfare in Hong Kong.  

The event was officiated by Prof Sophia Chan, JP, Under-Secretary for Food and Health;

Mr Kenny Wong, Superintendent of Police (Field) (Support Branch); Mr Derek Kwik, the SPCA Executive Committee Trustee and Chairman; Ms Jacqueline Kwan, the SPCA Executive Committee Chairman, as well as Ms Susan Tse and Mr Joe Ma, both SPCA Ambassadors; Ms Elena Kong, SPCA Education Ambassador; and Mr Eddie Ng and Mr Eric Kwok, both Animal Caring Stars. A number of SPCA Ambassadors and Animal Caring Stars also shared their pet stories on the day.

At the event’s opening ceremony, Mr Derek Kwik, the SPCA Executive Committee Trustee and Chairman, said: “2016 marks the 95th anniversary of the SPCA’s establishment. This milestone commemorates the Society’s role and contributions as the first, oldest and largest self-funded charitable organisation in Hong Kong concerned with all aspects of animal welfare.”

“Going forward we will work even harder to adapt to the changing needs of people and animals by continually evolving as an animal welfare organisation with the goal of building a harmonious society for animals and humans,” Mr Kwik expressed.

“I would like to thank all our volunteers, donors, sponsors and staff for your hard work and contributions over the years. You have played an important role in our success,” Mr Kwik concluded.

Ms Jacqueline Kwan, the SPCA Executive Committee Chairman, also explained at the event: “While Hong Kong has undergone tremendous change since the SPCA was founded 95 years ago, we have stayed true to our mission.”

“Looking ahead, as we stride towards our 100th anniversary in 2021, the SPCA plans to open a new flagship centre in Tsing Yi with dedicated facilities for community outreach and animal care,” Ms Kwan explained.

“This new centre will lead initiatives and programmes on humane education, animal welfare issues, campaigning and legislative lobbying. Its geographical location will allow us to rescue animals in a more-timely manner; to expand our veterinary services; and to explore more adoption opportunities in the New Territories region for our homeless animals,” Ms Kwan commented.

Prof Sophia Chan, JP Under-Secretary for Food and Health, who helped kick-off our function said that the government strongly values the work undertaken by the SPCA to promote animal welfare. She explained that the SPCA has always been a valuable government partner, and that it actively participates in the AFCD’s animal adoption programme, helps with the enforcement of animal related legislation, and takes care of all animal cruelty victims. Most importantly, she expressed that the SPCA educates the public on the importance of being a responsible pet owner, and offers the animals with desexing services. She explained that because of the SPCA's work, the public can enjoy the happiness of adopting pets. The number of stray dogs has also continuously decreased.

The Carnival was a joyous and informative event. The programme included a range of exciting activities including dog games; music; magic and dance performances; vet tips; behavioural training tips; animal rescue stories sharing; as well as fostering and adoption. In addition, more than 50 booths and stalls sold pet related products, handicrafts, and offered other pet related information or service. All attendees and their dogs had an enjoyable time chilling and relaxing.

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