05-07-2016,SPCA Animal Caring Ambassador Programme and Eco-friendly Bag Design Contest Awards 2016 Closing Ceremony

(Hong Kong, 5 July 2016) The awardees of the prestigious SPCA Animal Caring Ambassador Programme and Eco-friendly Bag Design Contest 2016 (ACAP) were honoured recently at a ceremony held at a community hall in Hong Kong.

Ms Gigi Fu, President of the SPCA; Dr Mary Chow, Senior Veterinary Officer of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department; Ms Karina O’Carroll, ‎Animal Welfare Education Manager of Animals Asia; Ms Vincci Chu, South Mountain Cultural author; as well as celebrated illustrator Bigsoil and well known cartoonist Kongkee officiated at the ceremony hosted by Ms Vivian Chiu, Education Manager of the SPCA, and presented awards to the winners.

In celebration of the outstanding achievements of all ACAP participants, representatives from over 10 schools attended the event, along with students, their families and friends. A total of 17 schools won ACAP Awards this year, with the top prize – “The SPCA Animal Caring Champion Cup” – going to the Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School. At the ceremony, 23 primary school students also received prizes for winning the Eco-friendly Bag Design Contest.

The SPCA Animal Caring Ambassador Programme

The SPCA launched the Animal Caring Ambassador Programme in September last year. For a period of 10 months, 20 primary schools joined the programme to promote the message of “Care and Respect for Animals” via education talks, workshops, exhibitions and an animal care week.

The programme sets out to help primary students learn to create harmony among all living creatures through the four main factors (Responsibility, Respect, Consideration, and Care), and to understand the concept of animal welfare. It also encouraged students to develop whole-person skills, including interpersonal communication and problem solving skills.

The Eco-friendly Bag Design Contest Awards

The SPCA also held the Eco-friendly Bag Design Contest Awards at the same event. The competition was opened to primary school students, and more than 5,000 artworks were submitted. In addition to helping children develop their artistic interests, the competition aimed to educate children on the importance of animal welfare and the coexistence of humans and animals.

The SPCA will be organising a series of exhibitions to showcase all winning artwork between October and December.

Ms Gigi Fu, The President of the SPCA, said at the awards ceremony that children are the future of our society. The SPCA hopes that through ACAP, children can start learning about animals from a young age. The programme provided the children with lots of different opportunities to learn about animal welfare. It is hoped that this experience has broadened their horizons and helped to raise their awareness of animal and environmental issues within our community.

Ms Vivian Chiu, Education Manager of the SPCA, expressed that the success of this programme was made possible by the support and involvement of teachers and students from a number of schools and other parties in the community. On behalf of the SPCA, she expressed the Society’s gratitude to all participating schools and supporting organisations. The SPCA hope that those students who took part will continue to promote the need to respect life and live in harmony with animals. Ms Chiu also took the opportunity to thank her colleagues in the SPCA’s Education Team for helping put this meaningful programme together.