19-05-2016,Ninteen Animal Welfare Groups Welcome Cap 139B Amendment NO MORE DELAY End Suffering of Breeding Dogs Immediately

(Hong Kong, 19 May 2016)An alliance formed by 19 animal welfare groups urges the government to introduce the Cap 139B amendment promptly and requests all legislative councilors to support its passing so that the improved legislation can be introduced at the earliest opportunity. Dogs caged in sub-standard breeding facilities have waited for far too long. There should be NO MORE DELAY. We need the law in place to protect their welfare.

Hereunder is the stance of the Alliance:

  1. Although the alliance advocates adoption, the public's wish to acquire specific pedigree dogs through purchase will continue and as a result there is the need to regulate the pedigree dog breeding trade through legislation
  2. Implementing legislation to regulate breeding operations, and licencing all trade in dogs is a major step forward in animal welfare, NOT a step back
  3. We support the differential licencing (and permit) framework instead of ONE licence for all breeders
  4. Although the alliance agree that the currently proposed Cap 139B amendment is not perfect, the legislation will result in improved licencing terms and conditions and thus better welfare for the breeding dogs and puppies involved in the trade. More improvements can easily be introduced when needed by changing the Additional Licensing Conditions and Code of Practice by AFCD without the need for any legislative amendments and lengthy discussions with Legislative Council and legislators
  5. There has been various views presented and much discussion on the introduction of the proposed amendment which has often clouded the issue. But one thing is clear - delaying the introduction of the amended legislation will mean the status quo remains - this will only result in harm to more dogs and allow the suffering to continue for those dogs being currently overbred and kept in horrific conditions

The Alliance also set up a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/收緊寵物買賣法Tighten-HKs-Pet-Trade-Laws-235296246860548/?fref=ts

Members of the Alliance who supports Cap 139B Amendment:
Animals Asia
Cheung Chau Animal Care (CCAC)
Companion Animal Federation (HKCAF)
Concern Group for Pets
Dog Rights Concern Group (DRCG)
Green Animals Association Ltd
HK Rescue Puppies
Home Dog Home
Hong Kong Alley Cat Watch
Hong Kong Animal Adoption Centre (HKAAC)
Hong Kong Cats
Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR)
Kirstens Zoo
Lifelong Animal Protection  (LAP)
Protection of Animals Lantau South (PALS)
Sai Kung Stray Friends (SKSF)
Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA)
STOP ! Save HK’s Cats and Dogs (STOP)
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA)