06-09-2015, “Care, Acceptance & Respect for Animals” campaign (C.A.R.A.) Kick-off Ceremony SPCA raises awareness to make Hong Kong a better place for animals

(Hong Kong, 6 September 2015) The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) kicked-off its “Care, Acceptance & Respect for Animals” (C.A.R.A.) Campaign at Mikiki Mall today. The aim being to promote care, acceptance and respect for all animals, regardless of whether they are beloved pets, strays on the street or wild animals.

The ceremony was officiated by Ms. Gigi Fu, the President of the SPCA and Mr. Bernd Hanemann, Executive Director of the SPCA together with Aniform Day Ambassadors, Ms. Karen Mok and Mr. Ryan Lau as well as SPCA Ambassador, Ms. Kitty Yuen.

2015 sees the SPCA is celebrating the 15th Anniversary of its Cat Colony Care Programme (CCCP). Mr. Bernd Hanemann, noted: “The CCCP is a remarkable success for the SPCA and all the devoted volunteer carers. In a recent online survey we found that the majority of the general public supported stray cats living harmoniously in their communities, and in addition held the CCCP in high regard.”

Mr. Bernd Hanemann added, “As the animal welfare organisation rehoming the largest number and species of animals in Hong Kong, I am very proud to announce that the SPCA has been appointed as the territories Official Ambassador for World Animal Day”. He also called for animal lovers to support the first “Aniform Day” to help make Hong Kong a more animal-friendly society.

“Aniform Day” is the first of its kind. To be held on the 9 October, it’s an innovative effort to raise public awareness of our symbiotic relationship with animals. During today’s event, “Aniform Day” Ambassadors, renowned artist Ms. Karen Mok and multi-media host, producer Mr. Ryan Lau made a request to the public to wear animal-graphic clothing or accessories on 9 October as a symbolic pledge to support the SPCA’s vision of harmonious co-existence with all living creatures.

The President of the SPCA, Ms. Gigi Fu, SPCA Ambassador Ms. Kitty Yuen and a number of Animal Caring Celebrities including well-known model Ms. Coco Chiang, Mrs. Jocelyn and Mr. Anthony Sandstrom, renowned actresses Ms. Christine Eng and Ms. Elvina Kong all shared messages on the concepts of wellness clinics (preventative pet health), community harmony between humans and animals as well as celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the CCCP. In addition they took part in a fashion parade showcasing the SPCA’s latest animal-graphic clothing.

From now till 8 October, animal lovers can show their support by enrolling at our “Aniform Day” webpage: http://www.spca.org.hk/aniformday and by wearing their favourite animal-graphic clothing and/or accessories on the 9 October as a symbolic pledge. Participants who donate HK$100 or above will receive a special limited edition “Aniform Day” bracelet.

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The Kick-off Ceremony of CARA was officiated by Gigi Fu, President of SPCA (Second Left) together with Bernd Hanemann, Executive Director of SPCA (Right), Karen Mok and Ryan Lau , Aniform Day Ambassadors and Kitty Yuen, SPCA Ambassador.

Sharing of Wellness Clinic by our Veterinarian with Coco Chiang, Jocelyn and Anthony Sandstrom.

Sharing of Community Harmony by Community Development Department with SPCA Ambassador Kitty Yuen.

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Cat Colony Care Programme and sharing of its achievement by Inspector from SPCA with Animal Caring Ambassadors Elvina Kong and Christine Eng.

Aniform Day Ambassadors Karen Mok and Ryan Lau introduced the event details of the first Aniform Day in Hong Kong.

The guests took part in a fashion parade showcasing the SPCA’s latest animal-graphic clothing.


The guests took part in a fashion parade showcasing the SPCA’s latest animal-graphic clothing.

“Aniform Day” Ambassadors Karen Mok and Ryan Lau and guests called for action to join “Aniform Day”.