Ada Pong 龐卓欣 - Mochi, Coconut

Celebrating its 95th anniversary, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is collaborating with SEASON magazine and the renowned fashion designer, Mr Dorian Ho, to host “My Best Friends” photography exhibition at The Annex on Sunday Feb 26th. 19 pet-loving local celebrities partook in shooting the heart-warming and interesting series of photos to promote love and respect for animals. The photos will be made into photo books and calendars with part of the proceeds to be donated to the SPCA for the relief of abandoned animals.

Animals are great partners in our lives. The photo series depict daily activities like enjoying British afternoon tea, cooking in the kitchen, playing pool with friends, practicing yoga, getting a haircut, drawing and touring etc.. Each photo features a unique and fun theme and shows the great rapport that can exist between humans and their pets.

19 local celebrities with their beloved dogs extended their support by taking part in the photo shoot. They are Ms Gigi Fu, the SPCA’s President; Ms Kitty Yuen, SPCA Ambassador; Mr Andy Leung and Mr Kenny Chan from boyband “C All Star”; Mr Dorian Ho; Ms Anne Heung; Ms Elaine Yiu; Ms Kate Tsui; Ms Eileen Tung; Ms Alice Chan; Ms Monica Chan; Ms Michelle Lo; Ms Rose Chan; Mr Mayao Ma; Ms Ada Pong; Ms Elva Ni; Ms Angel Chu; Ms Lilian Kan and Mr Edwin Chuang.

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