From the Past...

The SPCA was founded in 1903 and started out as an informal animal welfare group formed by volunteers. In 1921 the association was formally incorporated and became the RSPCA before dropping the “Royal” prefix following news of the handover in 1997. The SPCA is Hong Kong’s oldest animal welfare organisation.

Our principles have remained unchanged throughout the decades:

  • To promote kindness to animals,
  • To protect their health and welfare,
  • To prevent cruelty and through education,
  • To inspire in the community a deep respect for life so that all living creatures may live together in harmony.

Our work can be divided into six areas: Animal Rescue and Cruelty Prevention, Animal Birth Control, Animal Adoption, Pet Health Promotion, Animal Welfare Education and Animal Welfare Advocacy–Lobbying for legislative and policy change.

... To the Future

In 2016, the SPCA celebrates its 95th anniversary. Heading towards our 100th year, we are preparing for a new flagship centre in Tsing Yi to be opened in 2021. The Tsing Yi centre will be organising programmes on humane education and promotion of animal welfare, and advocating the need for legislation protecting animals. Its location will also allow us to increase the speed and responsiveness of our animal rescue work, provide high-quality veterinary services, and give our animals more opportunities for adoption in the New Territories. We need your valuable support to construct a society that accepts, loves and respects animals, allowing people and animals to live together in harmony.


Scope of Service - How the SPCA Contributes to Animal Welfare


Milestones of the SPCA


Call for action

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For 95 years, the SPCA has worked unceasingly to rescue animals with the aim of putting an end to animal cruelty and preventing animals from suffering. As the first and largest animal welfare charity organisation in Hong Kong, we are devoted to the well-being of animals. The thousands we save each year are the reason we keep going. To nurse animals back to health, to find them a home of joy and to be trusted by our supporters are our greatest rewards. Without our supporters and members standing by us through the years, we never could have achieved all we have. So that we can continue our mission to help animals, please consider making a donation and be part of the team.